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Zeitgeist is in action in the Natty software centre

Reader ‘Ingo’ spotted something nifty when playing around with his Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha install: Zeitgeist in action in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

3 February 2011
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Activity Journal getting a new View

I am blessed with some amazing team. The magnificent Cando just finished a new view for Activity Journal.

31 December 2010
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Skype Zeitgeist logger under development

Check out this Skype zeitgeist logger I have been working on.

29 December 2010
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Zeitgeist Time freeze (or how not to lose your logs every 6 months) [Updated with download]

Over on DevinatArt, designer Izobalax has been musing on a minor flaw in Zeitgeists armour: the ability to easily 'take' your logswith you.

27 December 2010
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Docky: mastering the art of jump lists with Zeitgeist

As an avid docky user (sometimes I switch to AWN depending on my mood), I got very used to the jumplists. But at some point I was not satisfied with what I hacked before, since it was based on the early 0.3 Zeitgeist API.

19 December 2010

How to install the latest Rhythmbox (including its new plugin) in Ubuntu 10.10

The recent update to music player Rhythmbox brought with it many feature updates and fixes. Amongst these came a newly souped-up Last FM plugin offering up detailed user stats, artist recommendations and support for music streaming. Maverick users can now install it via a dedicated backport PPA.

15 December 2010
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Synapse update adds new plugins, results improvements

A new release of semantic file launcher Synapse has been made available for download.

13 December 2010
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Zeitgeist rocking GNOME Shell

I took more time today to play with GNOME Shell...

4 December 2010
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Track banshee played songs with zeitgeist and view through Synapse

Want to get Zeitgeist to track your Banshee play history? Do you then want to view it through the ace new Synapse launcher? You're in luck!

3 December 2010
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Bringing Sexy back to GNOME Shell with Zeitgeist

Seif Lotfy – Zeitgeist creator, hacker and all round semantic solider – has spent the last few days bringing Zeitgeist love to GNOME Shell. With both Unity and KDE to benefit from Zeitgeist it’s nice […]

2 December 2010
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Meet Synapse – the super fast new GNOME Do replacement

It's finally arrived. After weeks of leaking screenshots and juicy tidbits on a 'mystery new launcher' we can reveal what it is. Called Synapse, the launcher is light, fast, zeitgeist powered and can do some incredible things thanks to tight Zeitgeist integration.

30 November 2010
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Zeitgeist coming to KDE

Zeitgeist is on its way to KDE, and our favourite Egyptian hacker Seif Lotfy explains more in this post.

29 November 2010