Just missing a notification bubble in Ubuntu by a split second is very frustrating. 

Whether you’re grabbing coffee, tying your shoelaces or sitting at your desk entranced by the Boogie Boogie Hedgehog on YouTube, chances are you’ll miss a notification at some point.

The idea for a ‘Notification log system’ proved popular on Ubuntu Brainstorm so many will be pleased to hear of Onno Steenbergen‘s work  on creating an application that does exactly this.

As well as creating the daemon (background process) that writes notification information to a log file (stored in ‘/var/log/Notifications.log’) Onno also found time to add in a ‘data provider’ for Zeitgeist and an Application Indicator.

With the project so very fresh from the mind to the binary the accomplishments achieved so far really are commendable.


NotifyLog is currently able to: –

  • Writing notifications to a log
  • Displaying notifications in Gnome Activity Journal
  • Show an Indicator Applet when notification arrives
  • Hide when there are no notifications
  • Ability to clear all or remove one notification
  • Quick access to log viewer

Catch a video of the application in action @ steenbe.nl/etc/notification_test.ogg


The source code is available @ code.launchpad.net/~owhno/+junk/notifylog. A stable release has yet to be made.

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