Just a short update to those who helped Seif with Gedit stats earlier this week: his wdashboard overview start page for Gedit is available to download.

Now i’m not a massive user of GEdit (I mainly use it for reading README files) but were I a developer who made heavy use of it the ‘recently used’ and ‘most used’ views would likely speed up my workflow.

But the dash does look good, and the ‘file’ previews embedded within the thumbnails seem helpful.

Gedit dash

Start typing in the search box to, well, search your recent text files: –

Screen shot 2011 11 03 at 20 36 15

Few Issues

  • The number of file thumbnails don’t scale with the window


The plugin can be downloaded by hitting the button below.

Download Gedit Dash Plugin

To install the plugin first extract the package above to: –

  • .local/share/gedit/plugins/

Then enable the ‘Dashboard” plugin from Gedit > Preferences > Plugins

Ubuntu users may need to install ‘python-pygments’ in order to see file previews.

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