Over the last few weeks I have been working on some nifty Zeitgeist extensions for GNOME Shell. I finally managed to finish all of these Zeitgeist extensions, and figured I’d share them with the OMG! Ubuntu! audience. Here’s a brief rundown and instructions on how to install.


The first extension adds the “Journal” overview which allows you to navigate through your Recently Used stuff, categorized by type of files (documents/videos/music/other/…) as well as type of interaction (recent/frequent/new). This is something Akshay Gupta, Federico Mena and me have been working on and we will be working on it more in the coming weeks to fix and improve the view…


One of the most annoying things about the Shell search is the semi-random order of results we get for matching applications (see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=623372). This is now fixed.Also the search in recently used could be improved by categorizing them by types (documents/videos/etc..)


Last but not least I managed to finish a jump-list extension that is pretty nifty and works like charm. Basically if your application reports to Zeitgeist what it is doing (install datap sources from https://code.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist-dataproviders/zeitgeist-datasources/trunk) you will have the awesome functionality of being able to right click on an app and retrieving the 4 recent items used with it as well as other 3 frequent items used.

Where to get it?

Simple just get it from my git repo (https://github.com/seiflotfy/gnome-shell-zeitgeist-extension) by doing

git clone git://github.com/seiflotfy/gnome-shell-zeitgeist-extension.git

Note: You need Zeitgeist to run this! Make sure that both zeitgeist-daemon and zeitgeist-datahub are running.


Thanks to Federico and Akshay for their amazing work and Jasper St. Pierre and Colin Walters for guiding me through the unconventional methods to get this running. Also thanks to Collabora for sponsoring my efforts…

Here is a video demo of the 3 extensions or download it from here

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