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Gnome Activity Journal’s "mystery" hacker continues to add awesome features

GNOME Activity Journal - the easy way to view your Zeitgeist life - has been receiving some due love and attention from a so-called 'mystery' hacker who has added Drag and Drop support, entry pinning and audio preview.

28 November 2010
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Watch Unity People Place in action [Video]

Seif Lotfy is back hacking on the new Unity People Place. Updating his blog he shares news that Folks and Zeitgeist now ‘play along’ allowing for easy sorting of results using Zeitgeist (Favourites, Recent, etc.) […]

24 November 2010
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Unity Place People – Update

In my second day of hacking Unity Place for people I managed to get chat activity from Zeitgeist, get contacts from folks and create sections and groups and assign them results. Read on for more.

20 November 2010
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Zeitgeist adds more data providers, speeds up, will appear in GNOME-Shell and gets a dedicated MeeGo dev

Some call it Zeitgeist, a few paranoid people call it Skynet. Either way Zeitgeist is one of the most exciting technologies to have arisen in the last few years. I have a tonne of Zeitgeist news to bring you up-to speed on, so enough with these pointless introductions that plague every article I write...

19 November 2010
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Unity’s ‘People’ Place gets pictured

Seif Lotfy has posted a 'in progress' screenshot of a new 'People' place for Ubuntu Unity.

19 November 2010
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Zeitgeist’s bright future in Unity

It’s UDS time again and although I am not physically there (German VISA issue), I am happy to hear about the Unity work being done and I think I speak on behalf of the Zeitgeist […]

25 October 2010
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Ubuntu Software Center helping you clean up your applications

Thanks to Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi, Software Center is able to tell you which applications (of which Zeitgeist knows of) you have not been using for a while.

18 October 2010
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More Zeitgeist integration in Software Center shows recommended apps based on usage

As some of you may know, Seif has been working closely with the Software Center developers to integrate Zeitgeist into the Software Center. We blogged about the Software Center using Zeitgeist to display app usage a couple of weeks ago, and naturally the next step would be for that information to be translated into recommendations, which is very, very cool.

9 October 2010
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Ubuntu Software Centre with a pinch of Zeitgeist? More please!

Stat fans looking to get a informational fix on the applications they use may be interested to hear news on semantic tracking tool Zeitgeist’s latest possible excursion into the desktop –  via the Ubuntu Software […]

28 September 2010
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Quick access to Zeitgeist’s Activity Journal

Our very own Seif Lotfy, known for his hard work on Zeitgeist and the Activity Journal, has just posted a video over on his blog that shows off some experimentation with quick access to the Activity Journal.

23 September 2010
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Zeitgeist log manager will let you set which apps & files you want tracked

Many users remained awed and paranoid over the extent of data that Zeitgeist is able to collate and display – from what song you were listening to when you were writing up your shopping list […]

3 September 2010
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GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0 adds ‘experimental’ toolbar

The GAJ & Zeitgeist teams have announced the 0.5.0 development release of  GNOME Activity Journal – the user-friendly frontend for finding out ‘when’ you did a certain activity/file edit etc  rather than ‘where’.

24 August 2010