Privacy settings are – finally – coming to Zeitgeist.

Writing on his blog, Zeitgeist developer Stefano Candori has shown off the beginnings of a feature addition to the semantic-tracking engine which allows users to specify what Zeitgeist can log – and what it shouldn’t.

The features sit under the name of ‘Zeitgeist Global Privacy’ and enable users to inhibit the track of applications, file-type or foldera via a ‘blacklist’ approach. It also adds in the option for users to delete segments of their Zeitgeist history (last 15minutes, last hour, last week, etc).

With Ubuntu 11.04 Unity making extensive use of Zeitgeist in returning results more and more users will be seeking out ways to stop certain folders, file or applications from showing up in the dash. This tool looks and sounds like the perfect solution: configurable, extensive and easy to use.

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