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Munich Council: LiMux Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

A Munich city council spokesman has attempted to clarify the reasons behind its plan to re-examine the role of open-source software in local government IT systems.

21 August 2014

Is Windows 9 Planned Convergence Feature Similar to Ubuntu?

New rumours suggest that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 9 release will adapt its user interface to suit the type of hardware it's running on.

4 July 2014
virtualbox in ubuntu unity dash

Install USB drivers for VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Experiencing vague Code 10 errors in your VirtualBox Windows 7 guests on Ubuntu hosts? Don't panic; here's how to fix it up for good.

6 April 2014
lubuntu ibook

Windows XP User? Here’s 4 Reasons to Switch to Lubuntu This April

Still using Windows XP? With Microsoft ending support for it this April here are four compelling reasons to switch to Lubuntu Linux.

26 February 2014

11 Percent of Windows XP Users Will Switch to Linux, Survey Claims

11% of organisations using Windows XP plan to switch to Linux soon, a survey conducted by Tech Pro Research shows.

21 February 2014

Because You Can: Windows 8 GTK Theme For Linux

The weather is pretty torrid here in my home town at present, but it will likely pale to the storm that this post will generate: yes, I'm writing about a Windows GTK theme.

15 February 2014

Ubuntu Gaming Performance Edging Closer to Windows 8

Recent gaming benchmarks claim that gaming performance on Ubuntu is now "mostly on par" with that of Windows 8.1.

1 November 2013

WUBI To Be Dropped from Ubuntu 13.04, Windows Users Lose Out

In a message to the Ubuntu Devel Mailing list, Canonical's Steve Langasek states that the Ubuntu Foundations team '...does not expect Wubi to be in a releasable state for 13.04.'

1 April 2013
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‘Ubuntu Themes’ for Windows and WINE Updated

WINE and/or Windows XP users wanting to add some Ubuntu style to their desktops have long been able to do so by using a custom-made 'Ubuntu Theme for Windows'. That theme has been updated to resemble Ambiance (and Radiance) as found in Ubuntu 12.10, having previously been modelled on Ubuntu 10.10.

21 September 2012
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That Icon Looks Familiar, Windows 8…

Have you tried Windows 8 yet? I installed it on my Dell Duo over the weekend (it pays to keep an eye on the competition, folks) but for all of my own doubts and critique of the OS I didn't notice something that reader Jan B. did: the 'Share' button - which lets you easily share activity from the in-focus application - resembles the logo of a certain open-source operating system...

6 March 2012
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Ubuntu One Sync App Released for Windows

The official Ubuntu One desktop client for Windows has been has released. Ubuntu One is the cloud-storage service from Canonicalandinstalled by default in Ubuntu. All users are entitled to 5GB of free space, with additional […]

29 September 2011
Windows 8 Share Bar

Microsoft Attempt to Address Windows 8 ‘Linux Worries’

The concern over whether or not the Windows 8 requirement for 'Secure Boot' will prevent users from installing other operating systems has been addressed by Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky in a blog post on the Microsoft Developers Network site.

23 September 2011