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Banshee Alpha for Windows coming next week and other Banshee news

The much anticipated alpha release of Banshee for Windows is coming next week. The Windows port is attracting a lot of new contributors, bringing our new Windows effort up to 5 people actively working on […]

21 February 2011
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Banshee Pre-alpha for Windows: A quick run down

An unofficial pre-alpha Windows build of media player Banshee is available for testing. We take it for a quick spin and give our verdict.

6 February 2011
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CEDEGA shutting down, GAMETREE LINUX born

Commercial Wine software 'Cedega' is to "cease operation" at the end of February, parent company TransGaming Inc. have today announced.

8 January 2011
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Ubuntu, the Lion, the Cloud, and the Behemoth

Which direction are the four major players taking? Is the cloud really the next step? Was porridge the best choice for breakfast this morning? Find out all this and more with Tyler's exciting editorial after the jump.

15 December 2010
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Longhorn Linux Transformation pack

Mac OS X transformation pack, Windows XP transformations packs, Windows 7 transformation packs and I'm pretty sure there's a BeOS transformation pack floating around somewhere, too - but what about the OS that never was: Windows Longhorn?

2 December 2010
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Ubuntu One for Windows – a quick run down of the first beta

Yesterday I got my invite to join the Ubuntu One Windows Beta. I thought I'd show off some screenshots.

27 November 2010
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Ubuntu One for Windows enters beta testing

A limited beta testing program for Ubuntu One Windows client has  been announced. Development on a Windows port was first announced in January this year. ‘Why Windows?’ you ask? Ubuntu One’s Cristian Parrino explains: – “Expanding to Windows is […]

18 November 2010
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Microsoft’s new spooky Windows 7 themes: use them in Ubuntu

Microsoft have released two new seasonal-themed ‘themepacks’ for Windows 7. With a bit of renaming you can easily grab the wallpapers inside for use on any operating system – including Ubuntu. The new Lightning theme […]

20 October 2010
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Ubuntu Ambiance theme for Windows XP & Wine

Often it’s newer Linux users missing the familiarity of Windows that skin their OS to mimic that of another but here the tables are turned; fed up of booting into Windows and everything looking so […]

31 August 2010
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Python Window Organizer – organize your windows using the keyboard

PyWO allows users the ability to organize windows on the desktop using nothing but keyboard shortcuts. Features: Move window in any direction and snap it to other windows’ edges Resize (expand or shrink) window in […]

19 August 2010
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Five Linux Equivalents of Windows-only Apps

Windows converts will find that many of their favourite applications are already available on Linux; Skype, Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, etc but there are many Windows staples that don’t have Linux ports. The applications listed below make perfect drop-in replacements.

2 July 2010
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Ubuntu applications that run on Windows

The word ‘dual boot’ may be a dirty word to some but it remains a practical and often necessary scenario that many people find themselves in. Whether it be for gaming, work or needing capable […]

28 May 2010