Panel-based weather applet My Weather Indicator has added geolocation support, providing input free location detection based on your IP.

With many of us used to mobile apps and online weather sites using of geolocation to serve up weather info based on our country or county the idea of having to manually search for then enter my location into a weather app feels, well, a bit old hat.

So, in trying to keep up with the times, the latest version of panel-based weather reporting applet ‘My Weather Indicator has added in IP-based geo-location detection.

My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu 11.10

Not perfect

As stoked as I am to see geolocation used I have to admit that it’s not perfect, at least not yet.

I live in Exeter, UK but My Weather Indicator deduced my location as Bristol, UK – some 80 miles away.

Thankfully the Indicator retains the ability to manually enter/search for your location, so it only took a couple of seconds to set things right.

It would be interesting to see if other application settings could be adjusted depending on locale – for example here in the UK we typically display wind speeds in ‘Mph’ rather than the default settings of ‘Km/h’.


The latest My Weather Indicator can be installed in Ubuntu 11.10 by adding the ‘Atareao’ PPA to your Software Sources.


After doing this just update and install ‘My Weather Indicator’ (not the similarly named indicator-weather) from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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