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Kdenlive Video Editor Issues Final Major Update on Old Codebase

A new version of open-source video editor Kdenlive is available to download. Kdenlive 17.12.0 is something of a bittersweet release as it’s likely to be the final major release using the current Kdenlive codebase. Again, […]

15 December 2017
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VidCutter 5.0 Released With Improved UI, Frame Accurate Cutting

A new version of VidCutter, a free video trimmer app, is available for download. VidCutter 0.5 adds exact frame editing and improves video export.

20 November 2017
lightworks video editor

Lightworks Video Editor 14.1 Beta Released

A new beta release of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editor, is available to download. It features various improvements, including GoPro support.

26 October 2017
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OpenShot 2.4 Released, Focuses on Stability

A new version of OpenShot, the crash-happy open-source non-linear video editor, is available to download. While the previous couple of releases were big on features the latest release is a “stability-focused release”, says project lead Jonathan Thomas. A […]

7 September 2017
openshot 2.0 on ubuntu

OpenShot 2.3.2 Released with Various Bug Fixes

A new release of the open-source video editor OpenShot is available to download. The update fixes 'a few big issues', according to its developer.

11 May 2017

Lightworks 14.0 Video Editor Premieres with Brand New UI, New Features

A brand new version of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editor, is available for download on Windows, macOS and — hurrah — Linux.

5 April 2017
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OpenShot 2.3 Released With Transform & Razor Tools

A new version of OpenShot video editor is available to download. OpenShot 2.3 adds a transform tool, improves timeline zoom, and a whole lot more.

31 March 2017
Flowblade Video Editor

Flowblade Video Editor 1.12 Released, Adds 2 New Tools

A shiny new version of open-source video editor Flowblade is available for download — and it come with a pair of nifty new editing tools.

24 March 2017

VidCutter is an Open-Source Video Trimming App

VidCutter is a free open-source app that you can use to trim video, cut video and join video clips quickly, without needing to re-encode them.

14 January 2017

Lightworks 14 Introduces A Brand-New Look, New Pro Features

A new version of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editing software, has entered into public beta.

8 December 2016
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Kdenlive 16.08.2 Released, Here’s How To Install It on Ubuntu

Kdenlive 16.08.2 has been released. The update is the second ‘bug fix’ release in the Kdenlive 16.08 series, which made its debut back in August. It solves a number of ‘keyframe related problems as well as improvements to […]

13 October 2016
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Flowblade 1.8 Released, Supports Keyboard Trimming, Clip Snapping

The open-source video editor Flowblade has a new release available for download.  Flowblade 1.8 arrives with a batch of key improvements, including the ability to trim clips using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This way of […]

20 September 2016