Flowblade Video Editor
Flowblade Video Editor

A shiny new version of open-source video editor Flowblade is available for download.

Flowblade 1.12 introduces a pair of new tools.

Progress has also been made towards creating a distribution agnostic .AppImage, though, alas, there are still kinks to be ironed out so you won’t find an app image of the current release.

The Flowblade team explain in release notes for the app that the new Box tool will “help move a range containing media on multiple tracks to another point in the sequence”. This task had previously multiple edit steps, so the new release should help to speed up editing workflow.

The new Box tool is demoed in the following video:

The Trim tool picks up a ripple mode. “Every use of Trim tool will cause the edited track to lose sync with other tracks after the trim point. The Ripple mode enables in most cases doing trims while maintaining sync with other tracks.”

Ripple mode isn’t surfaced in the UI of Flowblade but can be enabled by ‘toggling the Trim tool mode using the ‘R’ key when timeline has keyboard focus.’

Various bug fixes and tweaks feature in this update, including the ability to ‘render with multiple threads and allow drop frames in playback’ and enabled editors to use the ‘End’ key to move playhead to the end of sequence.

Flowblade also offers additional filters, including lens correction and perspective stretching, for those running MLT 6.2.0 or later with the AVFilters module installed.

Ubuntu users can download an installer for Flowblade 1.12 from the application’s Github page.

Download Flowblade for Ubuntu from Github

Please note that while there is a Flowblade PPA available it has not been updated in 244 weeks. We saw some readers recommend it in  comments to an earlier article on this app

Arch readers — who seem to make up about 65% of our readerships these days — can install the latest release form the AUR, by running:

yaourt -S flowblade
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