A new version of OpenShot, the crowdfunded open-source non-linear video editor, is available to download.

“This is one of the biggest updates ever to OpenShot, and is filled with new features, performance improvements, and tons of bug fixes,” the application’s developer writes in a  blog post.

For a closer look at what’s new in OpenShot 2.3 keep reading…

Transform Tool

openshot transform tool

A decent transform tool is a must-have feature for any half-way competent video editor — and OpenShot 2.3 adds one.

The new transform tool allows real-time transformations inside the video preview window. Just right click on a video clip and select “Transform”. You’ll see a bounding box with resize grips that you can adjust using your mouse.

Razor Tool

Last seen back in OpenShot 1.4.3, the Razor tool has been re-introduced.

With the Razor active, just click on a video clip or transition to quickly cut it. Use CTRL and SHIFT to set whether to keep the left or right side of the clip.

Timeline Zooming

openshot timeline zooming

To edit as efficiently as possible you need reliable, easy to use timeline zooming. Whether you need a quick at-a-glance overview of length, or hone in to make a really precise trim, you don’t want to be faced with choppy, steppy and inconsistent zooming.

OpenShot 2.3 centers zooming on your mouse position rather than the timeline as a whole, and zoom scale is saved in project files.

Improved Export Dialog

Some attention has been levelled at the Export dialog used when saving videos to an end-file you plan to use elsewhere, most of it in the backend to ensure export happens smoothly.

Also, on Unity, you’ll now see export progress on the Unity Launcher item. This lets you keep an eye on your renders without needing to keep the app in view.

Other changes in OpenShot 2.3 include:

  • Improved Title editors
  • File previews use dedicated video player
  • Real-time preview performance improvements
  • New welcome tutorial message
  • Option to display frame numbers on frames
  • Prompt to ask user to find missing files when opening a project
  • Prompt to ask user to save before starting a new project file
  • Settings saved to disk in realtime
  • Snapping logic now compares pixels not time

Install OpenShot 2.3 on Ubuntu via PPA

The official OpenShot PPA makes the latest stable release available to users running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or above.

To add the OpenShot PPA to your software source just pop open a new Terminal window and enter the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openshot.developers/ppa
sudo apt update && sudo apt install openshot-qt

Launch the app from the Unity Dash (or whatever application launcher you use) and then cross your fingers that this version actually works get editing.

Not running Ubuntu? You’ll find source code and links to other download options on the application’s official downloads page.

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