Ubuntu 12.10

What will you be doing come October 18th 2012? I’m not psychic, but there’s a very good chance you’ll be downloading Ubuntu 12.10.

The date comes from the tentative release schedule for the post-Precise release, which has been published online.

In keeping with the last few development cycles a total of 3 alphas and 2 beta releases are planned.

Alpha 1 is pegged for release on June 7th, with the first beta following a few months later on September 6th.

The full list of dates is as follows, but do be aware that they are subject to change.

  • Alpha 1 – June 7th
  • Alpha 2 – June 28th
  • Alpha 3 – August 2nd
  • Beta 1 – September 6th
  • Beta 2 – September 27th
  • Ubuntu 12.10 – October 18th
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