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Ubuntu MATE Is Now An Official Ubuntu Flavor

The Ubuntu MATE Linux distribution is now an official Ubuntu flavor, joining the likes of Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin.

26 February 2015

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta Available to Download, Ubuntu MATE Is Now An Official Flavor

The Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet beta is now available to download, with most community flavors taking part.

26 February 2015

Dust Off That iBook: Ubuntu MATE PowerPC Support Is Coming

In an era dominated by Intel, 64-bit and multi-core processors the idea of actively opting to use an old PowerPC computer seems...hipster-ish.

2 January 2015

From Mint to Trisquel: The Top Linux Distro Releases in November 2014

November wasn't heavy on new Linux distribution releases, but still had more than enough to keep distro-hoppers bouncing from download server to ISO mirror and back again.

30 November 2014

Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS Now Available to Download

Fans of the traditional desktop can rejoice, as the first long-term support release of Ubuntu MATE is now live and available for download.

13 November 2014
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Have You Tried Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.10 Beta 1?

The first beta release of Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.10 was published at the end of August.

10 September 2014
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How To Install MATE Desktop on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Interest is growing in Ubuntu MATE Remix and the benefits it offers over stock Ubuntu. But how can you try it out? Through a PPA, of course.

20 August 2014
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Ubuntu MATE Remix Seeks Official Spin Status

A custom spin of Ubuntu using the GNOME 2-based MATE desktop environment by default is looking to gain official spin status from Canonical.

19 August 2014