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ubuntu flavor logos including xubuntu and ubuntu mate

Ubuntu 18.04 Flavours Released, Available to Download

Downloads for the Ubuntu 18.04 flavours are now available. We check in to see what's new in Xubuntu 18.04, Kubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and others.

26 April 2018
Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS: What’s New?

Planning to upgrade to Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS? Then you may be wondering what new features and changes the update will bring. Well, wonder no more. In this post we round up all of the […]

19 March 2018
Ubuntu Mate 18.04 bionic beaver traditional layout

Quarter Window Tiling Support added to the MATE Desktop

Support for quarter window tiling has been added to the MATE desktop. The feature is one of several improvements shipping in the latest stable release of the ‘retrospective’ desktop environment, which was forked from GNOME 2 […]

7 February 2018
Brisk Menu Applet v0.5

Brisk Menu 0.5 Released with ‘Favoriting’ & Desktop Action Support

Brisk menu 0.5 has been released. The fast, efficient app menu applet for MATE desktop adds support for adding apps to a 'favorites' category.

2 November 2017
ubuntu flavor logos including xubuntu and ubuntu mate

Ubuntu Flavors, Including Ubuntu MATE 17.10, Are Available to Download

It’s not just Ubuntu 17.10 release day — brand new versions of Ubuntu’s family of official flavors are also available to download. You can download the latest releases of Ubuntu Budgie 17.10, Ubuntu MATE 17.10, […]

19 October 2017
official ubuntu flavors

Ubuntu 17.10 Beta 2 Flavours Available to Download

Pitching up alongside the main Ubuntu 17.10 beta release are new beta builds of the various official Ubuntu flavors. Among the many spins choosing to take part in this round of testing is the marvellous Ubuntu MATE, brilliant Ubuntu Budgie, and, er, Xubuntu. […]

29 September 2017
Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1 Released

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1 is now available to download alongside new betas of other Ubuntu flavours, including Xubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie.

31 August 2017

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, Includes HUD, Global Menu

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 is now available to download and if you're a big fan of the Unity desktop you're going to love what's on offer.

28 July 2017

Ubuntu MATE Is Asking Users to Vote on Its Default Video Player

Ubuntu MATE is asking its users to vote on the video player they most want to see installed by default in the upcoming release of Ubuntu MATE 17.10.

26 July 2017
ubuntu mate software boutique

Meet the New ‘Software Boutique’ App That Will Ship in Ubuntu MATE 17.10

An improved software store is coming to Ubuntu MATE 17.10. The new 'Software Boutique' supports Snap apps, improves archive searches, and more.

28 June 2017

Ubuntu 17.04 flavors are now available to download, including Ubuntu Budgie

Hatching out alongside Ubuntu 17.04 downloads are images for the rest of the Ubuntu flavors. In post we’ll take look at what’s new in a handful of the flavours, share a few choice screenshots, and give you all […]

13 April 2017

Ubuntu 16.10 Flavors Now Available for Download

Filing out alongside the final stable release of Ubuntu 16.10 is the rest of Ubuntu’s extended family. That means download links for community flavors, including Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, are now live. The colorful set of spins each have their own […]

13 October 2016