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ubuntu mate software boutique

Meet the New ‘Software Boutique’ App That Will Ship in Ubuntu MATE 17.10

An improved software store is coming to Ubuntu MATE 17.10. The new 'Software Boutique' supports Snap apps, improves archive searches, and more.

28 June 2017

Ubuntu 17.04 flavors are now available to download, including Ubuntu Budgie

Hatching out alongside Ubuntu 17.04 downloads are images for the rest of the Ubuntu flavors. In post we’ll take look at what’s new in a handful of the flavours, share a few choice screenshots, and give you all […]

13 April 2017

Ubuntu 16.10 Flavors Now Available for Download

Filing out alongside the final stable release of Ubuntu 16.10 is the rest of Ubuntu’s extended family. That means download links for community flavors, including Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, are now live. The colorful set of spins each have their own […]

13 October 2016
ubuntu mate 16.10

MATE Desktop 1.16 Is Now Available on Ubuntu MATE 16.10

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 will now definitely ship with the MATE Desktop 1.16, with all relevant desktop packages and app updates available in the Ubuntu archives.

7 October 2016

MATE Desktop 1.16 Released With Improved GTK3 Support

MATE Desktop 1.16 is said to focus on "improving GTK3+ compatibility, migrating components to newer libraries, fixing bugs and code hygiene."

22 September 2016
yakkety alpha 2

Ubuntu 16.10 Alpha 2 Is Available to Download Now

The second alpha release of the Ubuntu 16.10 development cycle is now available for download, with Lubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin and Ubuntu MATE taking part.

28 July 2016
ubuntu flavors logo

Ubuntu 16.04 Flavors Make Second Beta Available to Download

The second beta releases of Ubuntu 16.04 flavors have diligently made themselves available for download.  Now, first things first: the change-logs for a few of these spins is …modest. Both Lubuntu and Xubuntu 16.04, the two […]

25 March 2016
ubuntu mate remix logo

Yet Another Reason Why Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Will Rock

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 will offer full support for Client Side Decoration (CSD) and GTK Header Bar applications out of the box.

15 March 2016
mate unity desktop style

MUTINY! — Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Adds Unity-Style Desktop Layout

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Beta 1 is heading out the door this Thursday — but it’s borrowing a familiar set of clothes for its debut… Teased by Ubuntu MATE on social media is the following screenshot of something […]

23 February 2016

Ubuntu 15.10 Flavors: Beta 2 Downloads Now Available

Arriving alongside the main Ubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 release are beta candidates for the rest of the Ubuntu family.  The change logs on offer for these releases vary. Some spins pack more significant changes than others, but […]

25 September 2015

Ubuntu MATE Inks First Hardware Deal

Forget the release of shiny new Macbooks and Apple Watches, the big hardware news of the week for Linux enthusiasts comes from little known UK computer company called Entroware.

10 April 2015
ubuntu mate remix logo

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Will Ship With Nifty Tilda Terminal App

The Ubuntu MATE team, fresh from going official community flavour status, have been busy detailing some of the handy new features shipping in Ubuntu MATE 15.04.

10 March 2015