ubuntu flavors include xubuntu and ubuntu mate
Lots to savour in the official flavours!

Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish, the latest version of Ubuntu, is now available to download and so too are freshly spun images for it crop of community-based flavors.

New stable versions of Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie, Xubuntu and Kubuntu are ready to download, all based on Ubuntu 18.10.

Read on to learn about the biggest changes these updates bring and to snag a download of them to try for yourself.

Ubuntu 18.10 Flavors Released

We noted in our Ubuntu 18.10 review that the number of changes in the regular version isn’t huge. As such, you won’t be massively surprised to learn that these new versions of the Ubuntu 18.10 flavours mostly follow suit.

Kubuntu 18.10

Kubuntu 18.10 desktop screenshot

Kubuntu 18.10 comes touting the terrific Plasma 5.13 desktop release by default, and ships with Qt 5.11 on board.

If you haven’t tried the KDE way of computing for a while, you’re in for a treat. Plasma 5.13 ups the ante, debuting neat web browser integration and more.

KDE applications 18.04.3 are included, are is the latest version of the KDE Connect android integration suite, while LibreOffice, the default productivity suite, now uses a hybrid KDE5/GTK3 interface.

Keen to learn more? Get your Kubuntu 18.10 download below:

Download Kubuntu 18.10

Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

new budgie weather applet

Ubuntu’s feathered offshoot impressed us with its beta last month, and it looks like the final stable release keeps all of that goodness.

Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 boasts the Budgie desktop v10.5, a swathe of nifty new panel applets (including weather, pictured above), plus an updated version of the Ubuntu Budgie welcome tool.

Firefox is now installed as the default browser, replacing Chromium (though this and other browsers are still available to Install),. Also of note, TLP has been removed from the default install, to which Ubuntu Budgie devs credit the power efficiency tweaks in the latest Linux kernel 4.18.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

Other flavours

Ubuntu kylin 18.10 desktop screenshot

Ubuntu Kylin 18.10, the spin tailored to Chinese-language users, is crammed with changes. The latest version boasts integrated fingerprint security, even providing an interface for other apps to hook in and use your finger print for logins.  A refreshed and polished UKUI desktop makes a number of improvements, and there’s a rewritten Youker weather tool too.

Download Ubuntu Kylin 18.10

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 desktop screenshot

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 doesn’t rock the boat over the latest LTS, but there are some niceties to enjoy. The MATE desktop gets a fresh batch of bug fixes, many of which will be back ported to the LTS release, and the improvements provided by the latest Linux kernel and graphics drivers help to ensure the distro works well for gamers.

Download Ubuntu MATE 18.10

Xbuntu 18.10 is ideal for those who want a lightweight, logical and reliable desktop experience. The latest version ships with a new wallpaper, new color folder icons, and updated versions of core utilities.

Download Xubuntu 18.10

Ubuntu Studio 18.10 shares its foundational desktop features with Xubuntu (see above). Ubuntu Studio Controls has been upgraded to version 1.6, bringing plenty of bug fixes, code refactoring, and auto-detect of newly attached USB devices.

Download Ubuntu Studio 18.10

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