ubuntu 17.10 flavors

It’s not just Ubuntu 17.10 release day — brand new versions of Ubuntu’s family of official flavors are also available to download.

You can download the latest releases of Ubuntu Budgie 17.10, Ubuntu MATE 17.10, Kubuntu 17.10, Xubuntu 17.10 and other official Ubuntu flavors right now.

And there’s something to suit everyone.

All flavors share the latest packages, use Ubuntu Linux kernel 4.13, and come with 9 months of on-going support and updates.

While the majority of desktop changes offered across the glut of flavors pales compared to the regular version of Ubuntu (which ships with an all-new desktop, new display server, and so on), there is still plenty to look out for — so let’s take a look!

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10: Download & Features

Ubuntu spin flaps into form with Budgie desktop 10.4 on board

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 desktop screenshot

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 comes loaded with the latest Budgie desktop 10.4 release.

A sizeable update to the GNOME-based desktop, Budgie 10.4 adds (among other things) new applets, new panel options, Raven sidebar improvements, and a sleek Alt + Tab switcher.

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 also adds some extras of its own. It’s now possible to change folder color in Nautilus as the excellent Folder Color app comes pre-installed.

The Budgie Welcome app adds a few new links and helpful pointers, and makes it easier to ‘one click’ theme the desktop.

Grab your Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 download by clicking the button below:

Download Ubuntu Budgie 17.10

Kubuntu 17.10: Download & Features

A sleek alternative to GTK-based desktops

Kubuntu 17.10 packs Plasma 5.10 and KDE Applications 17.04.3 by default.

VLC is now the default video player in Kubuntu, while the Qt5 Cantana music player supplants the old KDE4 Amarok.

The Muon package manager makes a return to the default install, a decision sure to please those who find Plasma Discover a little lacklustre.

To get up close with all of these features (and plenty more) you can download Kubuntu 17.10:

Download Kubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu MATE 17.10: Download & Features

Perfect for low-end computers (and those missing Unity)

Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Those of you missing Unity, but not enough to install it from the archives, can jump ship to Ubuntu MATE.

The latest version of this resource efficient distribution comes with a stack of Unity inspired features, including a global menu, a HUD, and a dock like panel layout.

Those are all optional, of course, as are the other desktop layouts, including a macOS analog and a Windows 10 single-panel set-up.

Sounds good? You can download Ubuntu MATE 17.10 using the button below:

Download Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Xubuntu 17.10: Download & Features

Perfect for those looking for something different

Xubuntu 17.10 desktop screenshot

Xubuntu 17.10 is another iterative release, featuring only modest changes (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).

The Greybird GTK theme has been modified to reduce padding in applications that use Client side decorations. There is also a new default wallpaper (see above) to enjoy, while an update to the default icon set ensures the system looks as cohesive and consistent as possible.

The latest versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice come pre-installed, as does a new app: GNOME Font Viewer.

You can download Xubuntu 17.10 by clicking the button below:

Download Xubuntu 17.10

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