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HeyBuddy – a minimal only desktop app for Linux

HeyBuddy is an only desktop microblogging application that is both nimble, light & designed to be simple to use. Features HeyBuddy doesn’t stuff a tray icon in your panel, there are no reams of […]

17 June 2010
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Mitter Twitter Application Review

Native Twitter applications are fast becoming the iPhone fart app of Linux: there is an endless stream of them, and they all pretty much do the same things. Mitter enters the fray as Yet-Another-Twitter-Application but does it have anything unqiue to offer over more established apps like Pino, Qwit and Gwibber?

29 May 2010
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Turpial in English finally comes to a PPA

If like many you’ve been looking for the perfect lightweight desktop twitter client then you may have come across Turpial. It’s fast, lightweight and has many of the features users look for in a twitter […]

15 May 2010
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Twitter client Turpial gets a PPA

Lightweight (and very popular!) twitter application Turpial has gained a PPA – albeit an unofficial one – thanks to Efrain Valles. Turpial: Like a Linux native Tweetdeck Like other Twitter applications available for Linux Turpial features […]

15 April 2010
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Pino Twitter Adds Spell checking, fixes missing cursor

Pino twitter application has updated itself with two very important fixes Spell check Fixes the missing cursor in entry field issue The Pino application website also has had a minimal makeover. Looking good! Install Pino […]

26 March 2010
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Choqok Releases New Beta – Adds Twitpic, Better timelines, more

Earlier today we wrote about Twitter application Pino getting updated and today sees it joined by a new beta release of premier KDE twitter application ‘Choqok’. The main new features in this version are: – […]

7 March 2010

‘Twitim’ Is Yet Another Desktop Twitter Client for Linux

Lately is seems as though we have native twitter clients tweeting out of our ears! So does Twitim bring something new to the deck or is it just yet-another-twitter-client?

26 February 2010
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Pino Twitter Client Goes Experimental: Adds multi-account, & a Xmas Tree

Pino 0.2 was released was released a few hours ago, adding a slick roster of new features. Experimental Features The new features are: – support Multi account support Conversation view Single instance mode Option […]

21 February 2010
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How To Replace The Pino Notification Area Icon

Pino is a fantastic little twitter application. We’ve blogged about it many times previously and know many of you love it. One thing that still comes up as an ‘issue’ whenever we blog about it […]

10 February 2010
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Buzzbird Twitter Client Is Pretty Much Perfect

Buzzbird is an open-source desktop twitter application available on all major platforms – yes, including Linux! Features The feature-set covers pretty much everything one would want to do on twitter – bar twitpic integration (which […]

30 January 2010
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Pino 0.1.0 Released

Linux Twitter application ‘Pino’ may be a relative new-comer to the desktop, but today saw it’s first stable release. We reviewed Pino a few weeks ago and were left suitably impressed. The development since then […]

28 December 2009
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Pino Twitter Application Reviewed

Pino is a new-ish Twitter application for Linux with the moto of being “easy and simple” and “fast.” I couldn’t get the ruddy thing to compile back when i reviewed 6 Linux Twitter applications, but […]

16 December 2009