Backing up your tweets, managing your account and searching tweet based on strict criteria direct from the desktop has been made easy with Histwi by OriginalCoding.

We’ve featured many, many desktop twitter applications here on OMG! over the last 10 months but Histwi is very different from the rest. You can’t read your @ replies with it, you can’t send a DM from it and you sure as hell can’t tweet from it – so what does it do?

Histwi is billed as a ‘Twitter account management’ tool with a bevy of features backing up this claim: –

  • Download and save all your Tweets to Database.
  • View and export all saved tweets to html or txt file.
  • Compare your Following to Followers.
  • Follow/Unfollow any your friends.
  • Tracking new followers and unfollowers.
  • Advanced Twitter Search.
  • Managing multiple Twitter accounts.

Histwi in action

The ability to add multiple twitter accounts is pretty nifty, although if you have a lot of tweets and/or a lot of followers be prepared for a long wait during initial set up as your tweets are parsed and downloaded.

Perhaps the most useful function in Histwi is the ‘search’ tool which allows for an immense level of precision in tweet-seeking. Of particular note are the “With positive” and “with negative” attitude checkboxes which are unerringly intelligent.

Histwi search in action


You won’t be shocked to hear that Histwi has it’s own PPA for easy installation and upgrading. To add and install open a terminal and paste the following commands carefully, entering your password where prompted.

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nikolay-blohin/histwi
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install histwi

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