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Hotot mono tray icon

Remember that pretty swish new Twitter client called ‘Hotot‘ that we mentioned recently? One rather petty complaint we had with it was the choice of colour tray icon used in the indicator-applet. Good news if […]

4 October 2010
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Hotot Twitter application gets a Daily Build PPA for Ubuntu users

Users of the visually impressive Twitter application 'Hotot' may wish to add the projects' daily-build PPA to automatically gain the latest features and fixes as the app strides towards a stable release.

30 September 2010
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Hotot: The hottest new Twitter app for Linux

Everyone's talking about Hotot - a new twitter application for Linux that marries the useful and the unique into one slick package.

24 September 2010
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The problem with Gwibber (Tyler Rant)

Why do I not even bother with Social Apps? Click on inside to see.

9 September 2010

The Oauthcalypse Arrives But Gwibber is ready

Support for basic user authentication in many desktop Twitter applications will end at 8AM Pacific time this Tuesday morning, according to Twitter.

31 August 2010
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Choqok 1.0 Beta2 released – adds nickname auto-completion, new image uploaders and Oauth support

The second beta of KDE twitter application Choqok sees release today. Along with an improved re-tweet function, nickname auto-completion & support for twitter’s OAuth system the application is a worthy upgrade for the brave and bold twitter-addicts out there. […]

15 August 2010
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Histwi – Powerful desktop twitter app

Backing up your tweets, managing your account and searching tweet based on strict criteria direct from the desktop has been made easy with Histwi by OriginalCoding. We’ve featured many, many desktop twitter applications here on […]

21 July 2010
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gtweety – Yet another desktop twitter app for GNOME

Gtweety is “yet another” desktop twitter application for GNOME. But does it chirp any distinctive notes  distinctive amongst the chorus of so many rivals? I accidentally came across GTweety on LaunchPad whilst searching for an […]

9 July 2010
Placeholder koala image’s official desktop app ain’t ‘alf bad is the open source equivalent to Twitter based on the StausNet (formerly Laconica) micro-blogging server. boasts many features not found in its tweeting rival such as XMPP support, groups & personal tag clouds. […]

9 July 2010
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HeyBuddy – a minimal only desktop app for Linux

HeyBuddy is an only desktop microblogging application that is both nimble, light & designed to be simple to use. Features HeyBuddy doesn’t stuff a tray icon in your panel, there are no reams of […]

17 June 2010
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Mitter Twitter Application Review

Native Twitter applications are fast becoming the iPhone fart app of Linux: there is an endless stream of them, and they all pretty much do the same things. Mitter enters the fray as Yet-Another-Twitter-Application but does it have anything unqiue to offer over more established apps like Pino, Qwit and Gwibber?

29 May 2010
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Turpial in English finally comes to a PPA

If like many you’ve been looking for the perfect lightweight desktop twitter client then you may have come across Turpial. It’s fast, lightweight and has many of the features users look for in a twitter […]

15 May 2010