Earlier today we wrote about Twitter application Pino getting updated and today sees it joined by a new beta release of premier KDE twitter application ‘Choqok’.

The main new features in this version are: –

  • Actions to subscribe/unsubscribe and block a user, added to User menu.
  • Splash screen on start-up.
  • Ability to select which timelines to show per account
  • Favourite and Public timelines added to Available timelines
  • Ability to see a conversation thread in a separate window
  • Saving search tabs and re-open them after restart
  • Show user’s posts avatar at right instead of left (just like Pino does!)
  • Saving read/unread status of posts on exit
  • Selectable ReTweet prefix
  • New options for URL shortener plugins plus two new services
  • “ImagePreview” plugin to show a preview for images
  • “Twitpic” plugin to upload and share photos via Twitpic

You can currently download the source for Choqok 1.0 Beta 1 but as of yet there are no binary files for super easy installation. Keep an eye on this blog if you’re dying to try it out as as soon as one becomes available we’ll be posting it!

Read more: http://choqok.gnufolks.org/2010/03/choqok-1-0-beta1-is-ready-tulip/

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