The second beta of KDE twitter application Choqok sees release today.

Along with an improved re-tweet function, nickname auto-completion & support for twitter’s OAuth system the application is a worthy upgrade for the brave and bold twitter-addicts out there.

Other notable additions in the beta include a wider range of player support in the ‘Now listening’ plugin (including Rhythmbox, VLC and Banshee) as well as additional actions in the user menu.

5 new URL shorteners had been added: –


And support for two more image uploaders: –

Install Choqok 1.0 Beta 2 in Ubuntu from source
No binary packages are available of the titular app just yet but you can get your hands dirty and build from source. How? Here’s how..

  • Download: Source
  • Open a terminal and enter the following two commands
    • sudo apt-get install build-dep
    • sudo apt-get build-dep choqok
  • Extract the source archive you downloaded earlier and navigate into it using the Terminal
  • Type the following commands: –
    • mkdir build
    • cd build
    • cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config –prefix` ..
    • make
    • sudo make install
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