HeyBuddy is an indenti.ca only desktop microblogging application that is both nimble, light & designed to be simple to use.


HeyBuddy doesn’t stuff a tray icon in your panel, there are no reams of configuration menus waiting to envelop you just your dents, mentions, replies & room to update your status. The application is fast, responsive and does its intended job admirably.

HeyBuddy does let you reply to your follow-ees dents but beyond that there are no other features to speak of in the stable version.

Due to the simplistic (“minimal” is probably a better word) design of HeyBuddy there are no buttons or menu entries to manually refresh your timeline. I don’t like not having control over the refresh rate, but if you’re laid-back and not intently following the show its probably a boon.

The status update field is very small at only 1 character high and there is no Ubuntu Notification support, either.

Development version

Thankfully HeyBuddy does seem to be heading towards a featurey-future with the addition of a ‘filter’ tab – an excellent addition that will allow finely-tuned control over what alerts you and what doesn’t.: –
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