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How to watch tonight’s #Eurovision Final in Ubuntu

Fellow Europeans – tonight is the grand finale of the 55th Eurovision song contest – and you’d be a fool to miss what promises to be one of the closet fought contests in the last 10 years. A few […]

29 May 2010
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How to change the active tab colour in Kupfer

Do you use Do alternative Kupfer? Fellow writer Tyler James waxed lyrical about it a few weeks back (see here for his review and how to install it.) If you do use it then the […]

26 May 2010
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Evolution Got Beautiful?!

Edit: See bottom of post for newest update with oversized icons fixed It sounds impossible, yet it seems to be true! I’ve complained a bit about Evolution before, both about behavior and looks, in hopes […]

25 May 2010
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How to easily create slideshow wallpapers in Ubuntu

‘Wallpaper Slideshow’ is the name and easily generating slideshow wallpaper files for GNOME is the game by allowing users to easily create and then set the background.xml file used for wallpaper slideshows in Gnome. The […]

24 May 2010
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Dell Inspiron 1300 ‘one click’ Wifi fix for Ubuntu

Do you have a Dell Inspiron 1300 with a blasted Broadcom wireless card and want a fix? Saa on the Ubuntu Forums has provided just that! Download the following folder [link], unzip and double click […]

7 May 2010
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How to add Thunderbird to the Ubuntu messaging menu

This method is now out-dated. See — Many Ubuntu users don’t use the default Ubuntu mail application Evolution and prefer to swap it out with popular alternative Mozilla Thunderbird. Sadly, for Ubuntu 10.04 users, this […]

2 May 2010
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Installing Ubuntu 10.04: Survival guide

Thinking of installing Ubuntu 10.04 this weekend? Here are a few tips to ensure you have a pleasant experience in doing so. Before anything make sure that your computer meets the recommended system requirements. For […]

28 April 2010
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Remove Anchor Icon from Docky

Did you know that very recently Docky added the option to remove the Anchor icon from the dock? Oh yes! OMG! reader kiwisoup e-mailed me over some instructions that I thought i’d paste here: – […]

22 April 2010
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How to install Dropbox in Lubuntu 10.04

Lubuntu users wishing to install and use popular file-syncing application Dropbox can now do so thanks to Lubuntu fiend Jeff Stone providing some easy-to-follow instructions. How to install Dropbox in Lubuntu 10.04 Open up a […]

19 April 2010
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Handy Docky crash script Makes the bleeding edge Mum-proof!

If, like many, you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of Docky’s development you’ll more often than not find it crashes and/or hangs. Sometimes this requires you to manually kill it in-order to relaunch it. […]

6 April 2010
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How to remove social network features from Lucid but keep the sound applet

Installed Lucid and now want rid of the social media integration stuff from the top panel but don’t want to lose the sound applet? Reader Enekk dropped the following quick solution into my e-mail inbox: […]

21 March 2010
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Ubuntu Lucid Users: How to Switch buttons back to the right

Using Ubuntu 10.04 and want your window control buttons back on the right? Well here’s how! Firstly let me apologise for not posting this tip sooner – I keep getting e-mails asking about it too […]

9 March 2010