Edit: See bottom of post for newest update with oversized icons fixed

It sounds impossible, yet it seems to be true! I’ve complained a bit about Evolution before, both about behavior and looks, in hopes that some noise might generate some improvements that I’ve been dying for. In the natural course of new releases, Evolution (say that 3 times fast) was pushed yesterday or so to the unstable ppa, and low and behold: it actually looks good!

While some of these good looks are coming courtesy of the Victory theme, you have to admit, this thing is looking snazzy. Why? Well, primarily they massively increased the size of the icons (although I’m not sure why the ‘not junk’ is so huge when the junk button is not…) and got rid of the crowded text next to most of the buttons. Then they just jacked up a bunch of cushion room in the toolbar and made the search bar biiiiig. I think its great to see that just clearing out a bit of whats not necessary and making functions have a little bit more leg room has greatly improved the look of things.
For a comparison, heres how things used to look (Taken from my girlfriends lappy):
Ew. Cluttered and ugly. Lets go back to the pretties, also Radiance flavored:

How To Get it

To get this awesomer and newer version of Evolution, you have to add the Unstable PPA. Let me say that again:
Its not my fault if you bork your system, capish? This is not a particularly notorious app for destroying things, but still, you do this at your own risk.
Ok then.
  • Add the PPA, by putting this in the terminal:
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jacob/evo230

  • Then update your sources:
    • sudo apt-get update

  • Then install that sucker:
    • sudo apt-get install evolution

  • This will ask for verification to update/install/upgrade, say yes.
Bam! There you go. Enjoy the awesomeness.


And just as fast as that, the oversized icon is fixed, and we have:

Much better!

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