Do you use Do alternative Kupfer? Fellow writer Tyler James waxed lyrical about it a few weeks back (see here for his review and how to install it.) If you do use it then the following hack may interest you…

OMG! reader Valentin sent us this nifty tip for changing the active tab colour in Kupfer, as told to him by the Kupfer developer, so thanks.

Change Active Tab Colour

  • Press ALT and F2 together
  • In the command field of the window now opened enter the following carefully: –
  • gksu gedit /usr/share/kupfer/kupfer/ui/
  • Now find the following line: – 
  • selectedc =[gtk.STATE_SELECTED]
  • Replace it with
  • selectedc = gtk.gdk.color_parse(“what color you like”)

ImageBanana - Selection_001.png

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