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See Sunbird/Google Calendar Appointments in the GNOME Clock Applet

Evolution Mirror is a Mozilla Sunbird extension designed to sync your Sunbird/Google Calendar appointments with the GNOME clock applet. Download Note you will also need to install python-evolution sudo apt-get install python-evolution Install the […]

23 February 2010
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How To Fix Video Tearing In Videos; Nvidia, Ubuntu

Screen-tearing is an issue for many Nvidia users on Ubuntu. Videos are plauaged by a visible ‘tear’ mid way through the screen during any moments of intense action or horizontal panning. Gamers find anything that […]

25 January 2010
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Change Notification Bubble Colours In Karmic

Ubuntu Forum user genaroneto has posted an excellent tutorial on how to change the colour of the Notification bubbles in Karmic to one of your choosing. I won’t re-print the entire tutorial here as it’s […]

13 January 2010
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Enable Cover Art And Badge In Docky

Docky developer supremo Jason Smith shared a small tweak to enable Cover Art on your Docky dock – complete with countdown badge – in the comments of previous Docky post.   The “hack” is simple […]

21 December 2009
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Enable 3-D Mode In Docky [Updated]

Whise, of screenlets fame, posted a tip for enabling 3-D mode in Docky. You must have Docky (not Gnome-Do Docky) installed. Once set head over to the Configuration Editor. ALT+F2 type gconf-editor Navigate to /apps/docky-2/Docky/Interface/DockPreferences/Dock […]

20 December 2009
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Record Multiple Radio Stream At the Same Time In Rhythmbox

Recording radio station streams or excerpts has been made super-easy thanks to the snappily titled ‘Record radio stations’ plug-in for Rhythmbox. Its main set of features provides: – Recording multiple stations at the same time […]

17 December 2009
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Split-View Nautilus Coming To Gnome-Shell?

Split-panel nautilus tweaks/hacks are incredibly popular but up until now the feature remained a 3rd party enablement. With the upcoming GNOME Shell raising questions as to the purpose Nautilus due to features Nautilus traditionally provided […]

16 December 2009
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Adobe Flash 64bit Refresh Available For Download

We exclusively told you last week that a "refresh" (I.E. a new alpha version) of Adobe’s Flash Plugin for 64bit Linux was going to be released on the 8th of December and lo and behold […]

9 December 2009
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Docky Tip: Change GMail/Folder Colours With Scroll Wheel

Did you know that rolling your mouse scrollwheel whilst hovering over the GMail or Folders Docklet in Docky lets you change the colour? Credit for informing me of this crazy-but-awesome tips goes to reader SeifSallam, […]

4 December 2009
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Solve Crowded GNOME 2 Panels By using A Drawer

Ever wanted to hide excessive icons on your panel? Just pop them in a drawer! Right click the panel with the excessive icons Choose ‘Add To Panel’ Select ‘Drawer’ Move it to where you want […]

3 December 2009
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Install Google Picasa Photo Viewer In Ubuntu

Google Picasa on Windows comes coupled with an awesome image-viewer. Sadly Google didn’t make this available for Linux users of Picasa, but, thanks to Irakli Gozalishvili and a soul known as Caiacoa, you can install […]

29 November 2009
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Get Applications That Didn’t Make The Ubuntu CD Available In One Download with ‘B-Sides’

“B-Sides” installs a selection of software that “didn’t make the Ubuntu disc” but “complements” the Ubuntu desktop well. Just like a B-side on a music CD! Keeping with Ubuntu’s ‘one application per task’ rule it […]

29 November 2009