Thinking of installing Ubuntu 10.04 this weekend? Here are a few tips to ensure you have a pleasant experience in doing so.image[6]

Before anything make sure that your computer meets the recommended system requirements. For Ubuntu 10.04 this is around a 1Ghz Processor, 256MB ram (512 would be ace, though) and at least 10GB hard drive space.

Download the Ubuntu 10.04 .iso using a torrent — it will likely be quicker and you’ll be helping other people get it quicker too!

  1. Verify your .iso before burning to disc (see here for that) and run a CD integrity check before approaching installation — this will ensure that installation doesn’t die mid-way through! You’ll find this option on the LiveCD titled ‘Check CD for defects’.
  2. If possible make sure your computer is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable — this will help with installing updates
  3. Make sure to select the correct time zone and region keyboard layout during installation. nothing worse than having your ‘@’ key displaced elsewhere and not knowing why!
  4. During partitioning pay attention: only use the ‘default’ partition settings if you want to erase your existing OS and files. Otherwise use the guided set-up tool — this will install Ubuntu on the largest chunk of free space.
  5. if you’re new to Ubuntu then be sure to nab a copy of the awesome ‘Getting started with Ubuntu’ guide (released tomorrow) or the Ubuntu pocket guide which can be downloaded for free@
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