Did you know that very recently Docky added the option to remove the Anchor icon from the dock? Oh yes!

OMG! reader kiwisoup e-mailed me over some instructions that I thought i’d paste here: –

  • Press ALT + F2
  • Type command “gconf-editor” and hit enter/return
  • Navigate to “apps/docky-2/docky/items/DockyItem” in the gconf-editor
  • Uncheck “ShowDockyItem”
  • Restart Docky

Et voilà! Anchor free Docky!

Terminal way

If you’re lazy and want to do this via the terminal you can do so using the following commands. (Thanks to commenter dRewsus)

This command will turn the icon off:

gconftool-2 --type Boolean --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem False

And this one back on:

gconftool-2 --type Boolean --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem True

Remember that you will need to restart Docky to see the changes take effect.

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