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Easy Imageshack Uploading In Ubuntu is a popular way to host images for free without needing to login and create an account. There are various ways to upload to Imageshack in Ubuntu – not least of which is the […]

27 November 2009
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Share Your Rhythmbox Library with Empathy Contacts

Want to share your music collection with a contact over Empathy? Yesterday i told you how to do it in Banshee, now it’s the turn of Rhythmbox! As with the Banshee plug-in that offers the […]

23 November 2009
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Re-enable Workspace Scrolling Using Your Mouse Scrollwheel

Annoyed that in Karmic you can no-longer switch between desktops using your mouse wheel? De-annoy yourself thanks to this easy fix. Open up CompizConfigSettingsManager Go to ‘Viewport Switcher’ Choose the ‘Desktop-based Viewport Switching’ tab Enable […]

18 November 2009
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[How To] Improve The Look of Picasa In Ubuntu

Google’s photo-management come editor program ‘Picasa’ is a wonderful application for sorting and imporiving the appearance of your photos. Shame it looks lame in Ubuntu! Thankfully you can do a few things to improve the look of Picasa, the […]

13 November 2009
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Give Banshee A Muine-Like Interface Using One Command

Love Banshee but prefer Muine’s interface? Well you can get a Muine-looking Banshee it with one command! Nothing to install or download. Banshee with Muine-like Interface Muine? What the frakk is that?! Muine is a […]

11 November 2009
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How To Enable Aero Snap in Ubuntu Linux Using Compiz

Ubuntu users can get a the cool functionality of Windows 7’s “Aero Snap” with a few copy’s and a few pastes thanks to an awesome tutorial on the UbuntuForums by forum-er gotsanity. Props and cookies […]

10 November 2009
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Fix the "can’t click on flash" bug in Ubuntu with 1 command

If you’re experiencing the current annoying bug with Adobe Flash not registering mouse clicks (e.g. on YouTube, etc) then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a relatively easy fix (for now). I must […]

6 November 2009
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Quick Hack To Get iPods Working With Banshee In Karmic

One annoyance in Karmic is the fact some iPod’s won’t work in Banshee “out of the box”. This is due to Ubuntu moving from HAL to devicekit for managing and notifying the system when hardware […]

2 November 2009
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Get Dramatically Faster Boot Times In Karmic With Ubuntu-Boot PPA

Karmic has made good progress on the road to the much-vaunted “10 second boot” aim in mind for 10.04. But you can get it even faster if you’re prepared to take the risk! Reader ‘Ellipsis’ […]

31 October 2009
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10 Useful Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

You’ve installed Ubuntu 9.10, now what? Here are my top 10 tips for getting a fresh install feeling your own… 1. Install Codecs, flash, Microsoft Fonts and DVD playback stuff Ubuntu cannot, for legal reasons,ship with […]

29 October 2009
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One Click Install Of Adium Themes In Empathy

Oraerk on the Ubuntu Forums posted the following script, and i thought I’d share it with the wider world. It allows one click installation of Adium themes in Empathy through the Adium themes website; You […]

29 October 2009
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Visual Tour n’ Tweak Guide To Ubuntu Karmic Netbook Remix

I previously covered Ubuntu Karmic desktop and Kubuntu Netbook Remix, but despite using Karmic NBR i haven’t really touched on it! Until now… The majority of features in the Netbook Remix are the same as […]

28 October 2009