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How To Install UbuntuOne In Kubuntu Karmic

Shock of all horrors – Ubuntu One, the free cloud storage service from Canonical, is not installed by default in Kubuntu Karmic Koala. Jonathan Jesse posted a quick how-to on his planet blog, which for […]

26 October 2009
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10 PPA’s You Shouldn’t Be Without

PPA‘s (Personal Package Archives) are a great way to automatically stay up-to-date with your favourite applications and packages.Below are my top ten recommendations for Ubuntu users. Some are development PPA’s meaning you get the latest […]

20 October 2009
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How To Set Shutter As The Default Screengrab Tool In Ubuntu [Tips]

Shutter is a feature-packed screen-grabbing application. You can use it to take screen-shots of your desktop, a specific window, a user-defined selection or even a website! Then you can edit it: crop it, apply annotations to it, highlight parts, […]

20 October 2009
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Automatically Install Your Nvidia Driver For New Kernels – Hands Free!

If you manually install your Nvidia drivers- be they beta or stable releases – you’ll probably have noticed that you need to manually reinstall them every time you receive a kernel update via update manager. Thankfully you […]

16 October 2009
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Enable Facebook Chat In Empathy

Empathy can support any protocol that pidgin does – this includes facebook chat. Whilst there is no user-end plugin framework for Empathy as of yet, there is a simple hack around to get Facebook chat […]

12 October 2009
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Remove The 60sec Shutdown/Reboot Timer In Karmic Koala

Want to get rid of the ‘60 Seconds Until Shutdown/Reboot/Logout’ countdown? Blog reader knorre handily posted the how-to in a comment, which I’m re-posting here so it’s not overlooked!  Simply open a terminal and: – […]

5 October 2009
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Use IMDB Art For Video Thumbnails In Nautilus

Want your video thumbnails in nautilus or thunar to display their official artwork from imdb? Say hello to imdb-thumbnail! Download Grab the official .deb file from the imdb-thumbnail launchpad @ : – Installation Once […]

2 October 2009
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Customize The Gnome Panel Clock To Match Karmic’s New Icons

Karmic may not be released, but this little tweak is too sexy not to mention! It changes the system clock applet to match the rest of the "new" style panel theme. For comparison, here’s the […]

29 September 2009
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Get Rid of Panel Shadow

If you’ve installed a theme in Ubuntu that gives you a big ruddy shadow under your panel, removing it is just a copy ‘n’ paste away!  With shadow: – Without Shadow: – Remove Panel Shadow […]

27 September 2009
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Be Notified Of Ubuntu Releases in Google Calendar

You can stay informed of upcoming Ubuntu releases in your Google Calendar by importing an simple Release Schedule document. I will admit that this is purely for Ubuntu lovers and probably no-one else! I must […]

16 September 2009
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UbuntuTweak Updated – More Apps = More Useful

Ubuntu Tweak ” the popular Ubuntu Tweaking application ” has been updated to version 0.4.9. This new version adds in support for Karmic, as well as still supporting Hardy through Jaunty. Of more note are […]

13 September 2009
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Integrate Google Docs With Ubuntu

The following plug-ins, scripts and extensions add Google Doc integration throughout Ubuntu.   Upload To Google Docs Via Nautilus You can easily upload a file to Google Doc’s via a Right Click with this User […]

10 September 2009