If you’re on Maverick (or even if you’re not) chances are you’re in love with the Ubuntu font and as such want to use it everywhere you possibly can.

Gwibber, when using the ‘Ubuntu’ theme, sadly has ideas of its own but enabling Ubuntu-font usage is no more than a minor-hack away.


How to make Gwibber use the Ubuntu font

Reader Simo sent in the following tip that was sent to him by identi.ca user Pla1, so thanks all round guys.

Add: –

  • font-family: ubuntu;

to global section of: –

  • /usr/share/gwibber/ui/themes/ubuntu/main.css

You’ll need to do this as root so hit ALT+F2 and enter: –

  • gksu gedit /usr/share/gwibber/ui/themes/ubuntu/main.css
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