You want to trigger ‘expose’ in Maverick like you’ve seen in Unity? Dan Rabbit sent me over a mail with a quick ‘how to’ on, well, how to do just that!

1. Install Compiz Config Settings Manager and Xautomation

2. Configure a keyboard shortcut for Expo

Assuming that you already have the ‘Expo’ plugin enabled – if not just  enable the "Expo" plugin in Compiz Config Settings Manager – head to the ‘Bindings’ tab in CCSM and create a keyboard shortcut for the entry next to "Expo key".

This can be set to a key combination of your choice, but bear in mind it will trigger the Expo plugin so ‘space bar’ probably isn’t the best choice ;)

For simplicities sake this article uses the ‘Super’ and ‘Q’ key combination.

3. Create the launcher

Almost there.

If you plan to add the Expo trigger directly to the GNOME Panel you can simply right click on the chosen panel, choosing ‘Add to Panel > Custom Application Launcher’, and follow along below.

To add to Docky we’ll need to create the launcher on the desktop first (or home folder, etc.)

  1. Right click on the desktop and choose "Create Application Launcher".
  2. Give the launcher a title, an application icon and enter the following in the ‘command field’: –
    1. xte ‘keydown Super_L’ ‘key q’ ‘keyup Super_L’

Remember to alter the command per your chosen keyboard shortcut.

4. Add it to your Dock

To add it to Docky just drag and drop the icon onto your Dock. Hey presto!

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