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How To Set Shutter As The Default Screengrab Tool In Ubuntu [Tips]

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Shutter is a feature-packed screen-grabbing application. You can use it to take screen-shots of your desktop, a specific window, a user-defined selection or even a website!

Then you can edit it: crop it, apply annotations to it, highlight parts, use a “eraser” tool to cover up sensitive information and even apply a ton of transformation effects to it ranging from creating reflections and polaroid style frames to manipulating it in 3D space, adding watermarks and literally a gazillion others effects. That’s not all either, you can then upload it directly to an image-hosting site – all of this from the one window! Genius!

That’s the hard-sell over with as this post isn’t actually about why Shutter is awesome but rather how to set it as your default screenshot tool.

Gnome-screenshot is the default screengrab tool in Ubuntu. When you press PRT SCRN it automatically opens ready to take a screenshot.

Default screengrab tool in Ubuntu

Setting Shutter As Default
To employ shutter as your default tool and thus to use it when pressing PRNT SCRN you simply need to tell Shutter to do so!

  • Open Shutter
  • Go to Preferences > Behaviour 
  • Enable both “Capture” and “Capture with selection” by check their check-boxes.
  • Press PRNT SCRN and witness Shutter now as you default. 
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