Karmic may not be released, but this little tweak is too sexy not to mention! It changes the system clock applet to match the rest of the "new" style panel theme.

For comparison, here’s the default set-up: –

Easy Peasy Lemon Gconf

  • Launch gconf-editor either via ALT+F2 or the terminal
  • Naviagte the folders  /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen0/prefs 
  • Right-Click on “format”
  • Select “Edit Key”
  • Set to “custom” (lowercase, minus the quote marks!)
  • Right-Click on “custom_format”
  • Choose “Edit Key”
  • Paste in the tiny code from here http://pastebin.com/f52910886


You can replace the font with any you have installed – I use Droid purely because the rest of my system does. Same goes for the font size – though bear in mind the smaller you go the harder it’ll be to read!

Also my panel is set to 28px in the screenshots – play around until you get something that works for you.

You may or may not need to restart gnome-panel to see the changes. This is a simple: –

  • killall gnome-panel

in a terminal to kill and restart it.

Super thanks to zacbarton who’s script i’m shamelessy plugging :)

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