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Use IMDB Art For Video Thumbnails In Nautilus

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Want your video thumbnails in nautilus or thunar to display their official artwork from imdb? Say hello to imdb-thumbnail!


Grab the official .deb file from the imdb-thumbnail launchpad @ : –


Once you’ve grabbed the .deb do what comes natural and install it! 

Now comes the boring bit.


First off we need to let Nautilus know to use it.

  • imdb-thumbnailer –set-nautilus

Now we need to let the script know where you keep your videos: –

  • gedit ~/.imdb-thumbnailer/config

Now just add the path to where you keep your videos after: –

  • films_path[1]=

You can add as many paths as you like, just place separately afterthe “films_path[x]=” line. Like so: –

  • films_path[1]=/home/joey/Videos/Movies
  • films_path[2]=/home/joey/Videos/TV Shows
  • films_path[3]=/home/joey/Trailers/to be released

For example, if you keep your videos in your ~/Videos folder then you’d put: –

  • films_path[1]=/Home/Videos/

If you kept them on an external drive you may need to put something similar to this: –

  • films_path[1]=/usr/media/external\ drive/movies

Though it’d be far easier to simply create a ‘link’ to your movies folder and put it in your Home/Videos folder! In the above case this’d be as simple as then putting: –

  • films_path[1]=/Home/Videos/movies

Almost there!
Finally we need to edit one last file.

  • gedit ~/.bashrc

Paste the following at the very end of the file: –

  • alias imdb-up=’find /path/to/your/videos* -type f | while read -r line ; do imdb-thumbnailer -u “$line” ; done’


Now you’re done! You may need to logout and log back into for the script to start working and if it still doesn’t it means you need to clean your thumbnail-cache!
imdb-thumbnailer in thunar