Ever wanted to hide excessive icons on your panel? Just pop them in a drawer!

  1. Right click the panel with the excessive icons
  2. Choose ‘Add To Panel’
  3. Select ‘Drawer’
  4. Move it to where you want it
  5. Add the icons you wish to hide to it.

Now there may be one or two issues you don’t like when using the drawer applet.

Not wide enough

You can easily make your drawer wider to accommodate your applets: –

  1. Right click the drawer applet
  2. Choose ‘Properties’
  3. Set a sufficient size for your applets. Try 80px’s.

The Icon Sucks

You can easily change the icon for the drawer applet: –

  1. Right click the drawer applet
  2. Choose ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Select Icon’ and choose a new icon.

Background doesn’t match

You can choose the background for the drop-down drawer stack from the preferences menu. If you use a custom panel make sure you choose it.

Arrows look lame

Again, from the preferences menu you can switch off the “hide” button and the arrows within it.


Doing all of the above gives you something like this…


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