is a popular way to host images for free without needing to login and create an account.

There are various ways to upload to Imageshack in Ubuntu – not least of which is the official Imageshack uploader available for Ubuntu! I’ve covered that before, so I’ll look at a few other alternatives available to users….


Shutter, the popular screenshot tool, also has an export feature with Imageshack included as one of its services.

Simply right click on an image and choose ‘export’. You can then choose your service and upload.

It’s worth noting that you can open ANY image in Shutter so its an easy way to upload any image to Imageshack.


My preferred way is to use PyShare. PyShare is a Nautilus script that is accessed via the right-click menu. Simply click on an image and choose ‘send to Imageshack’ from a menu. Easy!

Once an image has uploaded, PyShare provides links with code wrapped-around for forums or HTML as well as thumbnails, direct link and a tiny twitter link.

Installing PyShare is as easy as devouring a cup of coffee in the early morning. You will need to install python-pycurl (if it isn’t already installed).

  • Download the script @
  • Unpack the archive (right click > extract here)
  • Go to your home folder and press CTRL+H to show hidden files.
  • find the folder called ‘.gnome2′ (note the period preceding it)
  • Place the extracted files into the ‘nautilus scripts’ folder
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