One annoyance in Karmic is the fact some iPod’s won’t work in Banshee “out of the box”. This is due to Ubuntu moving from HAL to devicekit for managing and notifying the system when hardware is add or removed. Sucky, but necessary.

There are a few options users can take for managing their iPods: –

  • iPods still work fine in Rhythmbox.
  • You can use a dedicated iPod management application such as YAMiPOD, Floola or GTKpod.

Or you can use the following “hack” to get iPods working with Banshee.

1. Issue the following in a terminal: –

  • killall -9 nautilus

2. Plug iPod in

3. Restart nautilus using ALT+F2 and issuing: –

  • nautilus

4. Start Banshee.

It may take a minute or so but your iPod will mount and show in Banshee. Everyone’s happy!

Thanks to tmtan on the UbuntuForums!
Banshee ipod tips