Love Banshee but prefer Muine’s interface? Well you can get a Muine-looking Banshee it with one command! Nothing to install or download.

Banshee with Muine-like Interface

Muine? What the frakk is that?!

Muine is a music player for the GNOME desktop – just like Rhythmbox, Banshee, Exaile all are. It’s a powerful and friendly little app and i’ll be blogging about it very shortly.

Its interface is unique-ish and looks like this :-


Banshee + Muine = Muineshee
If you want your Banshee to resemble Muine (for whatever reason!) then you can using one command. Yep! One Command

  • Hit ALT+F2
  • type: muinshee

Banshee Muinshee will open up and you can look wide eyed at this tutorial wondering if it really was that simple!

Yes it was that simple.

Banshee muine tips