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5 Cross-Platform Editors for Web Developers

We love Linux, but sometimes we need to use Windows or OS X and a cross-platform editor can be a home away from home. We've got 5 that might be just the productivity boost you've been looking for.

1 September 2013

First Look at Brackets for Linux – The Open Source Editor from Adobe

Adobe’s open source editor has finally come to Linux after months of hard work by the community. We've given it a quick overview to give you a taste of Adobe's latest efforts.

17 August 2013

Installing and Using Sublime Text In Ubuntu

Sublime Text has gained a massive following since its release over five years ago. If you're looking for extensibility and a modern UI, Sublime Text might just be the editor for you.

23 June 2013
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Sublime Text 2 – A Fast & Fancy Text Editor

Sublime Text 2, a proprietary IDE currently in beta, is often described as being better than the popular Mac client 'TextMate'. A developer ecosystem surrounds the application, crafting ever-new plugins and add-ons to extend the functionality.

7 February 2012
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‘Scratch’ Text Editor Sees First Release

The first stable version of the elementary project's text editor 'Scratch' has been released - and you don't need to be running elementary OS to use it. Scratch, written in Vala and Gtk+3, is similar to other text editors such as Gedit, but adds in additional user-friendly features that elementary project's apps are known for.

31 October 2011
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Scribes: Powerful yet minimal text editor

Bored of Gedit? Looking for something fresh and a bit more powerful? Check out Scribes.

16 February 2011
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Dedicated Python editor ‘Deditor’ adds plugins system

Deditor – the lightweight Python-specific text-editor for Ubuntu - has added some super new features in its latest release.

7 December 2010
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Deditor is a Dedicated python text editor for Ubuntu

Meet Deditor – a lightweight Python-specific text-editor for Ubuntu. Ubuntu’s default text-editor ‘Gedit’ is a capable choice for python programming whether new or adept but for those seeking something developed towards the needs of python-developers […]

7 November 2010