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notepad++ on ubuntu

Essential Guide: How to Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu (One-Click Install)

It's easy to install Notepad++ in Ubuntu & Linux Mint, and in this post we show you how. Notepad++ is a popular open source text editor for Windows systems.

16 May 2019
brackets running on Ubuntu

Adobe Brackets 1.11 Released, Is ‘Fully Supported’ on Linux

A new version of the Brackets text editor is available to download, and Adobe say the Linux build is 'at par with what you get on Mac and Windows'.

26 September 2017
install sublime text 3 on ubuntu

Sublime Text 3 Officially Released for Windows, macOS and Linux

Sublime Text 3 has been officially released! I know; it feels like you’ve been using the beta builds for what feels like an eternity — but, at long last, a new stable release of the […]

13 September 2017
gedit is unmaintained

Gedit Text Editor is No Longer Maintained

Gedit is the default text editor on GNOME, Ubuntu, and countless other Linux distros — but today I learnt that it's also unmaintained.

27 July 2017

Atom Editor 1.18 Released with Rich Git Integration

A new version of the Atom editor available to download and it comes with a BIG new feature: deep Git and Github integration.

16 June 2017
install sublime text 3 on ubuntu

How to Install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

It's easy to install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu and Linux Mint using the official repo. Don't believe me? This straightforward guide shows you how!

28 May 2017
ghostwriter markdown editor

Ghostwriter is an Open Source Markdown Editor for Linux

Ghostwriter is a free, open-source markdown editor for Linux and Windows. Billed as being ‘distraction free’, the Qt based app doesn’t scrimp on features at the expense of looking minimal and stylish. The app, which is pitched at […]

14 December 2016
uwriter on ubuntu phone

uWriter is a Basic Word Processor for Ubuntu Phone

If you own an Ubuntu Phone or Tablet and miss having access to a basic offline word processor, you'll want to check out uWriter.

30 October 2016

Abricotine Is a Stylish Desktop Markdown Editor for Linux

Abricotine is an open-source desktop markdown editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It offers 'live' previews, text formatting and many other features.

20 February 2016

5 Cross-Platform Editors for Web Developers

We love Linux, but sometimes we need to use Windows or OS X and a cross-platform editor can be a home away from home. We've got 5 that might be just the productivity boost you've been looking for.

1 September 2013

First Look at Brackets for Linux – The Open Source Editor from Adobe

Adobe’s open source editor has finally come to Linux after months of hard work by the community. We've given it a quick overview to give you a taste of Adobe's latest efforts.

17 August 2013

Installing and Using Sublime Text In Ubuntu

Sublime Text has gained a massive following since its release over five years ago. If you're looking for extensibility and a modern UI, Sublime Text might just be the editor for you.

23 June 2013