Sublime Text 2 Beta on Linux

The tiny bit of developing I do means Gedit, Ubuntu’s default text editor, is more than adequate for my (very basic) needs.

But for proficient programmers a good text editor is as important to productivity as a finely tuned car is to a professional race driver.

Okay, slightly exaggerated comparison, but the point is still valid; we all work best when using tools that help us and not hinder us.

Sublime Text 2, a proprietary IDE currently in beta, is often described as being better than the popular Mac client ‘TextMate‘. A developer ecosystem surrounds the application, crafting ever-new plugins and add-ons to extend the functionality.

Other features include:-

  • Cross platform
  • Instant project switching
  • Fast
  • ‘Go to anything’ search feature (CTRL+P)
  • Dark colour scheme that’s easier on the eyes
  • Auto-complete feature
  • Distraction-free mode
  • Plug-ins

Packages can be downloaded from the Sublime Text 2 site linked by the button below. Whilst Sublime Text 2 is not free, a per-user license costs $59, it is free to use for evaluation purposes with no time limit.

The folks at tutsplus have put together a handy list of Sublime Text 2 tips and tricks, so be sure to head there after installing.

Sublime Text 2 Website

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