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Ubuntu 10.10 Software Center to add ratings and reviews in February

Ubuntu 10.10 users will be able to rate and review applications within the Ubuntu Software Center on February 11th, according the official wiki page timeline for the project.

23 January 2011
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Ubuntu developers talk reviews and ratings in the Software Centre [video]

Ubuntu Software Centre developer Michael Vogt and designer designer Matthew Paul Thomas tour ratings and reviews in Ubuntu 11.04 in this latest instalment of 'Ubuntu developer diaries'.

12 January 2011
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‘Angry birds’ may be coming to Ubuntu

Ubuntu has had an 'App store' capable of supporting paid applications for a good few months now: will we see some of the more popular cross-platform games and apps heading our way? It seems so.

6 January 2011
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First peek at ratings n’ reviews in Ubuntu Software Centre

The Ubuntu Software Centre in 11.04 Natty Narwhal will comes with support for application ratings and reviews. But how will it look? Good, one imagines. Here's how it looks currently...

5 January 2011
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This Ubuntu Software Centre mock-up is bright but bold

DeviantArtist Musl1m has mocked up his idea of how the Ubuntu Software Centre should look as it evolves its ever-growing feature set.

18 December 2010
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Illumination Software Creator added to Ubuntu Software Centre

Illumination Software Creator has become the latest paid' app to land on the shelves of the Ubuntu Software Centre.

8 December 2010
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Want to see Osmos in the Software Centre? So do the developers!

With World of Goo now in the Ubuntu Software Center for purchase, many gamers are thinking about other popular indie games available for Linux. One such gem is the beautiful Osmos - a rich and addictive puzzle game by Hemisphere Games - whose motto is to create games 'for both sides of the brain.

5 December 2010
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Logic game ‘Brukkon’ now available to 64bit Ubuntu users

Brukkon, the fiendishly addictive puzzle game, is now available for 64bit Ubuntu users to purchase via the Ubuntu One software centre, having previously been only available to 32bit users.

1 December 2010
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Space-based MMORPG Vendetta Online enters Ubuntu Software Centre

MMORPG Vendetta Online is now available via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

1 December 2010
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Ubuntu Software Centre adds more paid apps

A few of you have dropped us a line to point out that the Ubuntu Software Center has new 'paid' apps for sale.

21 November 2010
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Help Add missing screenshots to the Ubuntu Software Centre

Fed up of browsing the Software Centre in Ubuntu only to come across a neat-sounding application that lacks a screenshot? Here's how to help out!

10 November 2010
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Ubuntu Software Center ratings and reviews to come by Christmas

As if it were a Christmas gift to all Ubuntu users, it has been announced at UDS that a development version of the Ubuntu Software Center with a 'Ratings and Reviews' feature will arrive before December 25th.

29 October 2010