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Want to see Osmos in the Software Centre? So do the developers!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

With World of Goo now in the Ubuntu Software Center for purchase, many gamers are thinking about other popular indie games available for Linux.

One such gem is the beautiful Osmos – a rich and addictive puzzle game by Hemisphere Games – whose motto is to create games ‘for both sides of the brain.

Speaking in the Osmos forum the developers had this to say: –

“Regarding having Osmos on the Ubuntu Software Centre, I’ve tried getting in touch with Canonical about this matter, but they haven’t returned my calls! If you’ve got any contacts or suggestions as to how to get in on this, we’d be absolutely delighted!”

Editors note – Ohso, the company behind OMG! Ubuntu! and Ubuntu Gamer, are launching a game for sale through the software centre very shortly and the assistance received in this matter has been both expedient and helpful so here’s hoping things can be sorted for the Osmos guys very soon.

Thanks to Alex