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Psychonauts In the Software Center

Indie Game ‘Psychonauts’ Added to Ubuntu Software Center

Indie Game Psychonauts is now available to buy and install through the Ubuntu Software Center. The award winning platform game is being sold for $9.99, but can be purchased for as little as you like if bought as part of the ongoing Humble Indie Bundle.

12 June 2012

Almost 10,000 Humble Bundles Sold on Ubuntu In 72 Hours

The Humble Indie Bundle V continues to set new records. Around 10,000 bundles having been installed through the Ubuntu Software Center during the first 72 hours of the games package being made available.

4 June 2012

Unity 5.10 Adds New App Install Animation, Minor Tweaks

Over the weekend Unity 5.10, the last major update to the Unity interface before the release of Ubuntu 12.04, landed in Precise. Primarily a bug-fix and stability update, Unity 5.10 brought with it a couple of notable 'new' things - including the final version of the 'Application Installation Animation'. This, developers hope, will assist new users in quickly locating apps installed through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

15 April 2012
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First Novel Hits Ubuntu Software Center

The first novel has gone on sale in the Ubuntu Software Center. 'ZHackers: Volume One' tells the story of three geeks facing a Zombie apocalypse with nothing to defend themselves other than their wits. Author, David Jordan, has chosen to publish the title without DRM and license it under a Creative Commons license.

6 April 2012
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[How To] Easily Install The Slickest Software Center on Linux

Installing software just got easier: The Linux Deepin Software Center is now available to install in Ubuntu 11.10. The software store is easily the gems in the crown of Ubuntu-based Chinese Linux distribution 'Linux Deepin'. It sports a clean layout, low-resource usage, and integrates package management features not present in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

20 January 2012

Trauma was Most Bought Ubuntu App in December

Adventure game 'Trauma' topped the list of Ubuntu's top selling paid apps in December. Last month's top selling Software Centre item - the critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid - drops two places to 3. Read on for the full top 10 paid apps, and top 10 free apps...

8 January 2012
paypal checkout in ubuntu software centre

PayPal Payments Now Supported in the Ubuntu Software Centre

PayPal payment support is now available in the Ubuntu Software Centre, as we previously reported. The update, which is only available to users of Ubuntu 11.10, provides millions of Ubuntu users with another safe and secure payment method for accessing the continually growing range of paid software and digital-publishings that are available through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

18 December 2011
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PayPal Support to Land in the Ubuntu Software Centre ‘Before Xmas’

PayPal support is coming to the Ubuntu Software Centre later this month, Canonical's Stuart Metcalfe has announced.

8 December 2011

Ubuntu Software Center Improvements for 12.04 Discussed

Plans for improving the performance and start-up time for Ubuntu's Software Centre in 12.04 have been discussed at the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

31 October 2011
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Progress Continues On ‘Lubuntu Software Center’; Here’s How To Install It

Work on creating a 'Software Centre' for lightweight Ubuntu-spin 'Lubuntu' is coming together nicely. Jump on in for pictures, further information and instructions on how to test it out.

9 September 2011
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Oneiric Software Centre Now Radiance Friendly

The latest updates to Ubuntu’s default themes in Oneiric have, thankfully, sorted out some of the various issues the Radiance theme when with the new-look Ubuntu Software Centre. The result is pretty… …but still not […]

2 September 2011
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‘Atom Zombie Smasher’ Goes on Sale in Ubuntu Software Centre

If slaying hordes of the walking dead whilst saving civilians from a life of flesh-eating hell sounds like a great way to spend an evening, check out unique RTS game 'Atom Zombie Smasher', which has just gone on sale in the Ubuntu Software Centre priced at a not-too-shabby $9.99.

12 August 2011