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Just what Will be for sale in the Ubuntu software centre Come October?

The framework for supporting paid applications in the Ubuntu Software Centre will almost certainly be in place for Ubuntu 10.10  – but what could users expect to see on sale? Single-purpose Apps With the advent […]

8 July 2010
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Meerkat Software Centre UI continues to evolve adding new look, retweeting apps

The Ubuntu Software Centre developments for Ubuntu 10.10 are continuing and those users currently testing out Maverick will likely have spotted a more dramatic visual over-haul of the Software Centre of late: – To break […]

29 June 2010
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Latest app releases to be made available in Ubuntu 10.10

Many of the applications we feature here on OMG! Ubuntu! require the installation of a 3rd party PPA for they are either not available via the Software Centre or the version available in the store […]

22 June 2010
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Install Ubuntu 10.10 Software Centre in Lucid

Earlier today we showed off some of the progress being made on the next version of the Ubuntu Software in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat – including a brand new super slick animated ‘Featured Apps’ bar. […]

10 June 2010
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Maverick Software centre adds animated apps bar

Disclaimer: The screenshots and video contained herein are of an ‘in-development’ application and as such do represent nor constitute the final, end product. The Ubuntu Software Centre continues to excite with it’s development as it […]

10 June 2010
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Ubuntu Software Centre Gets Brand New Look for Lucid; Paid software to feature soon?

The Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu 10.04 got a new look store front today, trading its old colourful drapes for elegant whites and greys. Note: Clicking on the pictures below will take you a full-sized […]

11 March 2010

Ubuntu Software Centre Adds 2 More ‘Featured’ Apps

Two more applications have been added to the ‘Featured’ section of the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu 10.04. 3D creation tool Blender and publication software Scribus join graphics favourite The GIMP and lightweight word processor […]

24 February 2010
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Ubuntu Software Centre Gets Star Ratings & Reviews

The Ubuntu Software Centre gained star-ratings and reviews for application selections in a recent update to the current development release, Ubuntu 10.04. Well, sorta. I’ll explain. Although you can see the star ratings and number […]

25 January 2010
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12 Days of Xmas: Day Seven – Ubuntu Software Centre

“What?????” people scream. “Serious.” I say back, nodding. Yes the Ubuntu Software Centre is my 6th favourite application of the year! It was one of the Karmic Koalas’ big selling points – an easier more […]

23 December 2009
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‘Ubuntu Software Store’ Gets Renamed

The new “Ubuntu Software Store” has been renamed to “Ubuntu Software Center” – seemingly caving in to users dissatisfaction over the choice of name. Mattheweast posted on the Ubuntu Froums: – I had an email […]

26 September 2009
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Karmic Alpha 6 Update Finally Replaces Add/Remove With Software Store

An update to Karmic Alpha 6 has finally replaced ‘Add/Remove’ with the ‘Ubuntu Software Store’. As you can see in the screenshot above, Ubuntu Software Store finally get’s it’s official icon. Bigger view: – The […]

22 September 2009
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Karmic Alpha 6 Gets New Boot Screen & Ubuntu Software Store

Alpha 6 of Ubuntu 9.10 has been released, and brings with it a few nice surprises. Alpha 6 (once you’ve run update manager) finally has the gorgeous new XSplash Screen. This is the xsplash design […]

17 September 2009