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See Canonical’s Mockups for a Major ‘Software Center’ Revamp

A major redesign of the Ubuntu Software app has been proposed by Canonical. The planned overhaul, hammered out at a design sprint hosted by the company back in June, wants to make it easier for […]

4 September 2018

Snap URL Support Is Coming to Ubuntu Software

The little screenshot nestled to the left of this text contains something that makes us very happy. It’s a change-log for GNOME Software that mentions handler support for opening Snappy URLs is on the way. Why do we […]

16 February 2017
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Ubuntu Software Can Now Show Screenshots of Snap Apps

Ubuntu Software is now able to show app screenshots for desktop Snap apps, just like it can for apps in the standard Ubuntu archive and in PPAs.

3 October 2016
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Help Test a New Version of Ubuntu Software

Want to help test a new version of Ubuntu Software? Will Cooke, Ubuntu desktop manager, posted a call for testing on his Google+ page, where he explains: “Before we push this in to proposed for Xenial, we’re […]

8 June 2016
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Can’t Install Third-Party Apps on Ubuntu 16.04? You’re Not Alone

Having trouble installing third-party .debs on Ubuntu 16.04? You, my friend, are far from alone.

28 April 2016

Do One Thing & Do It Well: Ubuntu Needs More Purposeful Apps

Memes. I love 'em. But relaying my emotional state through a serious of un-witty images should be easier on Ubuntu.

14 August 2013

New Ubuntu Software Center Icon Arrives in Raring

A new icon for the Ubuntu Software Center has landed in Raring. The 'angled non-branded bag of exploding apps' design has been swapped for a sleeker front-on view carrying an 'A' emblem.

20 March 2013

Indie Game ‘Amnesia’ Top Ubuntu Download in October

Indie Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent was October's biggest selling paid app on Ubuntu. At $20 the title doesn't come cheap, but its popularity is a testament to its well-structured gameplay and all-out frightening storyline.

13 November 2012

August’s Ubuntu App Chart Lacks Ubuntu Showdown Entries – But Why?

Minecraft Mod Installer 'MC Launcher' was August's top selling app on the Ubuntu Software Center. The $2.99 tools allows for the easy installation of Java and Minecraft mods through a GUI.

12 September 2012

Does Ubuntu Need A Separate ‘eBook & Magazine’ Store?

Does the growing number of eBooks, PDFs and magazines on sale in the Ubuntu Software Center annoy you? I've recently begun to ask myself that question, and based on recent comments from readers I am not alone in doing so.

19 August 2012

Humble Bundle Games Remain Top Ubuntu Downloads

Games from last months Humble Indie Bundle continued to dominate the Ubuntu app download chart in July.

3 August 2012

Humble Bundle, EA Games Dominate Ubuntu Download Chart for June

The team up between Canonical and the Humble Indie Bundle folks has shook up the Ubuntu app download chart for June claiming half of the top 10 spots. Five of the top 10 paid apps belong to the Humble Bundle, with LIMBO securing claiming the number 1 download position.

18 July 2012