Indie Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent was October’s biggest selling paid app on Ubuntu.

At $20 the title doesn’t come cheap, but its popularity is a testament to its well-structured gameplay and all-out frightening storyline.

Movers and Shakers

Mini Minecraft Launcher, a $4 ‘minecraft launcher with mods installation support and backup feature’, was the highest entry for a new app, scoring a sold #2 position in its first month of release.

Fellow Minecraft app ‘MC Launcher‘ falls to #5, having spent the last 2 months in the coveted #1 spot.

Want to make a quick buck? Make a Minecraft launcher! ;) 

New Titles

October’s other new entries are indie games Rochard and Defence Zone, placing #4 and #9 respectively, and e-mail utility AnonMail, which debuts at #8.

We reviewed AnonMail back in October giving it 3.5 stars out of 5. Whilst we were happy to concede that it wouldn’t find purpose with most users, we were nevertheless impressed by its simplicity. So it’s great to see it chart.

Limbo Review on Ubuntu

Another of our October reviews, indie game Limbo, also makes a re-appearance in the chart at #7.

Finally, this month is extra special for Braid: it notches up its 12th consecutive month inside Ubuntu’s ‘Top 10 Paid Chart’!

October 2012′s Top 10 Commercial Apps [App name (September position)]

  1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (4)
  2. Mini Minecraft Launcher (new)
  3. Bastion (2)
  4. Rochard (new)
  5. MC Launcher (1)
  6. Cubemen (9)
  7. Limbo (re)
  8. AnonMail (new)
  9. Defense Zone (new)
  10. Braid (5)
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